Forwardo LLC is US shipping and mail forwarding company based in sales-tax-FREE Oregon, that provides inexpensive services for shopping in the United States to shoppers from Canada.

No matter if you are experienced shopper or if you have never ordered anything from the United States, we can save money to all of you. Lots of money.

Sign up for new account and get physical address in Milwaukie, Oregon with Mailbox that can store your shopping. Mailbox with 24/7 online access where you can consolidate your shipments, choose from multiple carriers and ship your purchases home. Our agents sign for your mail, you are not limited by traditional we don't ship to Mailboxes, you can ship anything to us.

Standard Account has no monthly fees! Signup today
Each account is equipped with US Mailbox, you pay only for received shipments.

Do you shop frequently? We can offer Premium or Gold accounts that can save you hundreds, even thousands of US$ per year.

We provide solutions to more or less common situation while shopping in overseas
  • Merchant won't requires payment with credit/debit card issued in the U.S. or Paypal registered in the U.S.
  • Merchant or seller won't ship Internationally
  • You don't have card for Internet payments or you are afraid of fraud and won't use it for shopping abroad
  • You don't have experience with shopping in overseas
  • Merchant charges arm and leg for International shipping
  • Merchant requires too many documents for identity check while paying with card issued out of the U.S.

If you have different problem, contact us describe the problem and we will try to find custom tailored solution for you.

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